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Q: How do I find the item I want to buy?

A:Find on home page the category of the item you want to buy (in the category list on the top of the page below the site title), move your mouse to the category name, you will see a list of sub-categories. Choose the one your item belongs to, and you will to transferred to the product page. You can choose the item you want to buy here.

Q: How do I place an order?

A: After click the item you are looking for, select size and fill in quantity, and then click Add to Cart. Review the items in your shopping cart. Enter coupons or discount codes if you have any. When you are ready, click Proceed to Checkout. Choose your check out method as guest or registered customer(registered customers can log in from the right page). Click Continue and you will be transferred to the payment page. Please indicate the destination for the product, the method of payment and the billing address. Review your order information. You may edit your address and payment information. Select "Process Order" to complete checkout. Do not forget to keep the order information in a secure place in case that you may need to check your order status.

Q: How do you send my purchased items?

A: When We received your payment, we will deal with your order with 24 hours. If anything goes well, we will ship it out with 2 workdays by EMS/DHL.

Q: How long will be the parcel arrived our country?

A: After we ship it , Ordinary the parcel will be delivery in 5-7 workdays during all the post process. Well, due to unforeseen circumstances, the time will be last a little longer. Please do not worry about it.

Q: How to track my order?

A: If you are a registered member at our website, you may track your order using the "Order Inquiry" link. Or, our Customer Service can help you track your order. And when we get the tracking number from the express company, we also can send it and the tracking link to track the parcelí»s status.

Q: How do I find the items size fitting me?

A: You can find Size Chart below the Size Selecting field.

Q: How do I can change my order or cancel my order?

A: When we received your payment, we will deal with your order within 2 workdays. So if you real want to change it or cancel it, we hope you can tell us within 2 workdays. Because if we ship it out , it is difficult to stop the parcel for you. So we hope you can understand.

Q: How do I can return the items to your company?

A: If the product's quality is no problem, we can't to accept the return it. If there's a few problems of goods (for example, the stain or the line did not cut off clearly), we hope you can wash it or clean it,then we will give our guest appropriate compensation. If the size is small for you , or when you received your jersey, you find you don't like it and so on, these problem we don't accept. So hope you can understand us.

Q: How many payment method do you accept?

A: We can received the payment through Visa Card, Master Card, Paypal Method, Western Union and Money Gram.

1>Transfer via. western union or Money Gram. If pay by Western Union or Money Gram, you will get some discount in total.

Please tell our customer service follow informations below after your finish your payment!

I). MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number).

I). Senders name (First Name, Last Name).

III). Money amount.

2>Pay by VISA or Master Card

You can pay directly by VISA or Master Card online!

Sometimes your payment by VISA Master Card may fail, that's because you may have a block on your credit card for outside your country purchases. please call the bank and have them lift the block.

Then you can go to our website, in the bottom of the homepage, there is a VISA or Master Card quick payment way, enter your order number and total amount to finish the payment, any question contact us, thank you!

Q: How long can I get the customized Product?

A: Because the product is customized, we must ask the manufacture to product it. So usally it need about 7-10 workdays or more to get the item from the factory. We hope you can wait for it patiently. And once the parcel is shipped, we will give you the tracking number.

Q: Why do you charge my card more than your product price?

A: We only receive the product price. The extra money may be charged by the bank as the bank fee. Hope you can understand.